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Tax Return Preparation Expertise:

Real Estate and Small Business Specialists 

Individual Tax Returns

Real Estate Sales / purchase

1031 Tax deferred exchanges

New home purchase / sale

Depreciation / recapture


Small business / Schedule C

Small business purchase / sale or start up

Home office

Installment sale

Involuntary conversions

Net operating losses (NOL)

Tax witholding analysis


Interest / Dividends

Stock options


Education & energy credits

Itemized deductions

... and much much more!

Partnership Tax Returns

General Partnership


Single Entity LLC's

Limited Partnerships

Corporation & S-Corporation Returns


Estate, Gift & Trust Returns


Tax Consultaion

Tax planning

Business startup

Entity choice

Relocation / moving

Real estate investment purchase analysis

Marital status change analysis

Estate tax analysis


IRS Letters


FTB (Franchise Tax Board - California) Letters

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